When it comes to helping the community, you can count us in! Brome Modern Eatery™ has a safe, fun, and effective strategy for helping raise money for good causes. Brome Modern Eatery™ will host a professional fundraising event at our store, complete with all of your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and fellow well-intentioned people.

Groups from all walks of life are welcome at Brome Modern Eatery™, including:
  • Any School Clubs
  • Youth Groups
  • Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts
  • Parent-Teacher Associations
  • Church Groups
  • All Sports Clubs/Teams/Groups
  • Senior Groups
  • Charity Walks/Events

Brome Modern Eatery™ is a clean, vibrant, delicious place to have a good time while raising cash for your organization. We will do everything we can to make sure you leave with a smile, and a big check! Just fill out the form and come on in to discuss the details of your event.


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